Nefertiti Dress

Here is the dress I will be using for halloween. As soon as all the pieces are finished I will post all the steps I went through to make it and pictures of the whole costume.

The dress consists of: 

• A long, blue skirt I'm borrowing from my Mom.

• A knee-length night gown which I cut the sleeves and ruffles off of and split down the front. 

• A sheer wrap which I cut from some fabric I found in one of my closets. 

• A belt which I made using red hem facing, a scarab bead, a few other beads, wire, a hook and eye, and super glue.


  1. Wow. That looks incredible! Nice going, Max!

  2. Thanks, SG! It looks better in person with all the other accessories. And you'll see all of those on Halloween!