The Sea Goddess Amphitrite, Halloween 2010

By Halloween 2010 my dress-making ideas had come to a halt. I had no plans on what to be and couldn't for the life of me think of anything! Finally, while flipping through a colorfully illustrated book on the Greek Gods, I stopped on a page picturing Poseidon. At his side was the sea goddess Queen Amphitrite. That's it! I thought. Finally an idea! And so, the week before Halloween, I decided to be a sea goddess.

The base of the costume.

Here are the supplies used for this costume: A blue, fitted one-shoulder dress from Goodwill (bought for $4.50); blue sheer; a long, black skirt; seashells; plastic, fish tank seaweed; and a glue gun.

Step 1- The splits on either side of the base were opened to the hip.

Step 2- The blue sheer was used to create strips draping diagonally across the front and back of the dress.

Step 3- A short train and bustle of blue sheer were sewn on the back of the dress at the waist.

Step 4- The black skirt was placed underneath the base and the sides were pulled up through the splits and sewn to the outside of the base.

Step 5- Using the glue gun, shells were added to cover the rhinestones on the strap. They were also attached at the hip, and on the back: above and on the bustle.

Step 6- The plastic seaweed was glued as accents down the top of the dress, at the hip, and above the bustle.

Step 7- The leftover seaweed was used as accents to the hair.

The Final Product!!!

The back.

Detail at hip.

Not having nearly as much time to work on the costume this year, I had to get it finished over the weekend before Halloween. Therefore, all the steps taken to create this costume were done in two evenings. And although I managed to get it done in a lot less time than previous costumes, I think this one has been the most challenging.

Well, until my next costuming endeavor!



Halloween 2010 Idea

For Halloween I have been having a lot of trouble coming up with an idea for a costume. But finally, I came up with a plan. I decided to go for a sea-witch/sea goddess dress. And, as always, I started planning it out with sketches.
Here is the final sketch. I've already gotten a base and started work on the costume. More pics to come!